Music Videos




We are music producers, we love music by nature and we also love motion picture. When you combine the above mentioned, what do you get? Great music video's like we do. We are able to shoot music videos for any set and we can make the artist imagination come to life on motion picture.


We also handle the following so that you don't have to stress.

  • Music Video Treatment / Script writing
  • Location Scouting
  • Compositing.


Do you have Footage you would like us to edit? we can do the following for you

  • Editing
  • Effects

Blacklez ft Pdoto  -  Jimmy Comes to Jozi





Vezubuhle Productions in association with We Are Creative Addicts

Brings you The New Hot Music Video.

Video Production

Edited by : Kgaphola A.O

Directed By : Reba Shai

Spartah Reighnz - Diantsha Party 101


Vezubuhle Productions

A production full of effect/ VFX.

Time free, Screen Manipulation and much more.

Video Production

Director of Photography : SIfiso Arnold Nkosi

Edited by : Kgaphola A.O

Directed By : Legoete Goitseone Phillip



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