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#mzansi is beautiful is Original Photographs of South Africa, All images towards #mzansiisbeautiful are copyright free and can be used by any one in the world.


The main aim of the initiative is to increase the number of South African Photographs that are on the Internet. The images need to be original, nothing must be altered in them except the colour.


If you would like to contribute to the catalogue Please email your photographs at mzansiisbeautiful@vezubuhle.co.za and they shall be posted on all Social platforms which VP has access to.


Please include your the following details

  • Name of Photographer
  • Location ( co-ordinates will help too )
  • Camera Model ( not compulsory )
  • Date picture was taken
  • Short Description of the photograph


All photographers will be properly Credited, where possible please include the Mzansi is beautiful logo at the bottom of your picture







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 Photos are copyright free, You can download and share.


for commercial purposes use, Please note Vezubuhle Productions as Source



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