Music has always been there for us as we continue to grow over time, we are able to tell stories with music and it is the essential part of humanity. With time, things started to get louder, The average volume ( RMS) started increasing as some of the music genres were born. This led to some genres being louder than others and to get music up to those levels of volume, it sometimes needed that a mixing and mastering professional be present through the journey of music. Human beings love loud sounds, they will often choose a louder song than its counterpart, So it is essential that we get your mix to be as loud as possible without loosing its quality, In other words Dynamic range. Dynamic range can be said to be where the groove and rhythm of the song can be found, The more you squeeze levels, your song will turn into irritating noise and cause ear fatigue.


Before we blow our heads off, your song needs to be done in the right way first, We need to mix the song. Mixing is simply like mixing chemicals in a lab trying to create a perfect mix of Mageu, you need to balance elements of the mix. Don't add to much and don't add to little or you wont get good results. You need to create an imaginary concert in your head when the song is playing. Genres like jazz have a larger dynamic range in general than metal music.



Think of any song that has the same elements or something close to it. In our heads we are thinking House( Dance) or Hip Hop.  Now we have to implement that imaginary stage of ours, if we go to a concert or at a jazz club, every musician will have their unique position on the stage. Its not because they have to look cool, even though they do but it is to let all sounds pass through without disturbing each other.


Your drummer who will be playing the snare, kick drum, hats and cymbals will most likely be centered on the stage.

We will place the pianists on the left and violinist on the right side, the two sounds have harmonics and we want to hear them all . Our lead vocalist will perform in the Centre too, usually upfront the percussionist so that she appears more in our face, we need to hear the vocalist more clearly.

Back up singer will usually be on the left or right side of the group, depending on the room, kind of song and the voices of the backup singers, we will start to place the accordingly. The most important rule of thumbs is, all similar sounding sounds must at least be separated from each other.  Now all of our sounds have their unique positions, We need to make sure no one out performs another, unless it is the time for that drummer dude to shine.


The basic art of it all is, we need to find a perfect balance in your sound and give it life, Handing over you project to us means we will handle it with care and love. Our objective is not to finish early but to mix like it would be required when we are making that Mageu in our lab.


What will we do to your mix? Lets put a scenario for our selves, Our song has


  • Kick drum
  • Synth Bass
  • Snare x2, one playing 1/4 and for the drive
  • 2 closed hats
  • 1 open hat
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Main Lead vocal
  • Back up singers


We need to get your music loud as possible, Vezubuhle Productions and Sound Architectz will advise you on which route to choose between sounds that can reach up to the levels of -3bdfs or -6dbfs of dynamic range. With loudness out of the way, now we move to the tone and feeling of the mix. Genres like deep house generally have a very subtle or low levels of DB in frequencies between 10Khz to 16Khz with 1Khz to 5Khz sounding much warmer. This is where a reference track is Vital, If you have access to one, you can send it to us or provide us with a name so that we can have a more vivid picture of what your mix requires.


Vezubuhle will provide you with 2 Masters for 2 different platforms. Since the evolution of music, from CD quality to Online music streaming services like Itunes or Spotify. The technical requirement have changed because of the potential quality that your mix can archive that is Superior to Mp3. Many music services have different technical requirements for audios, sample rate, Loudness levels, format and size. We will guide you through it so that you can continue producing, which is what you love most. Mix and Mastering doesn't have to be a very scarce service to get.


So why the 2 masters ?

One will be for traditional radio and CD release while the other one will be for Online music distribution services like youtube or Sound cloud. Some services will aply compression of their own to your song if the computer feels or detects that the levels are loud, compression can also be applied when the services are down-sampling your songs to the formats they provide to their client like 41000/16  at 128kps from Wave. This can introduce Inters-ample peaks to your sound and your creation will have distortion.


The second mix will be for your large audience who will be playing your music using the format of mp3. If your music is for club Audience, the master must be loud and often Dj's will use different sources to get your track in their playlist and the song has to be loud like the competitors.


We will properly advice you on which way is best for your music and what the music industry has in store for you.


If you already have a perfect mix you are just waiting to unleash it to the world, Bring it to us for the final polish to make sure it stronger than ever.

How to submit your song for mixing and mastering.


For us to be able to provide you with the best results. We will need high quality Sounds/ tracks.


For Mixing.

  • 24bit /41 000 audio samples in a Wave format. The tracks should not be more than the levels of -8dbfs on average.
  • We highly recommend you send dry tracks without time based effects on individual tracks. It is up to you if you would like to leave the effects embedded in the audio samples as some songs require it.
  • Provide a note inside of the root file, Where you explain the vision of the song, what you would like to hear and all additional relevant details.


For more details call us on 072 127 5845 or email us on .




Sound Cloud. Mixes as reference



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