The digital age is here and all businesses need to keep up with all marketing trends.

Customers are all using Social Media to interact with friends and do research about

businesses that they are interested in. Many small businesses will be listed on Google.

With a Video advert your customers will know more about your business within 30 seconds

without them having to read the Webpage for 5 Minutes. Our objective is to get them to do

business with you and they must decide on it quickly. Adverts from Vezubuhle Productions

are given a full script treatment to ensure your business gets an  Advertising Industry

Standard product and service.


An Online advert has potential of reaching more than 800 000 potential customers

in South Africa. With paid advertising, the numbers can reach more than 5 000 000.


VP also provide client with visual effects and score/music production to bring the Ad to life.

Stunning graphics and Motion Graphics are all part of VP’s Products

The online viewership of Videos in the past 10years has risen over 300%.  That means to

your business, South Africa has more than 11 200 000 viewers of Online videos.

Gauteng alone has 6 670,000 while Pretoria has 3 100 000 of those viewers.


There are affordable platforms to use as a medium of transmission like Facebook, Twitter

Google and You tube. Demographics of the viewers can be tailored to your business needs,

now it is easier to target customers with precision and the message doesn't get lost in the



Targeting your market with Online videos will not be hard on the pocket like Ads that are

ran on Television. You will be accessing your target market faster and Overtaking Television




Vezubuhle Productions understands that for a business to get more customers through an Advert,

it has to be better than your closest competitors and others. The advert must do its primary objective of

attracting potential customers faster and better than other adverts. A good advert will leave the viewer

remembering the massage that the business was sending to them, for you it will be “ come to my business ”.


Getting an Online Ad and managing the campaign can be stressful and time consuming, VP can handle

all of such technicalities and management. You can be rest assured, VP knows what it is doing and

    Quality Guaranteed, always.

All business are not the same obviously and that means a completely new script for your ad.

A completely new feeling and picture style. Like this background, it tells a story or triggers

a memory. VP has a creative team, a really imaginative creative team and we do know how

to tell a story. One of our many objectives is to super glue the advert into the

viewers memory and your business will be there too. We present all Adverts with 2 scripts

for you to pick from. And we continue to develop the chosen one further.

A good production is the one that takes the viewer to the world, viewers need to believe or

relate with the message they are getting from the advert. So to do that successfully, everyone

needs to play the part. “ Its Dress up and Make up time ”.


Vezubuhle will help you get the appropriate cast and do casting calls on your behalf.

We work with professional Casting services and we also have our own database of actors.



Shooting in natural location has proven to be better than

shooting in a studio. That means for every motion picture,

a specific location for that scene needs to be found

and be prepared for Shooting Day.


It is our duty to climb mountains, go to rivers

and walk on dusty roads to find you the best

locations that South Africa has to offer.


We use Shor’t Left database to find the perfect location for

production use. it is even better If the advert requires it to be

shot  on the business premises,.

Vezubuhle Productions is committed to bringing

you the best Advert because its is not just

for your business but for our growing portfolio.


We use our creative set of skills that are

unique to VP and nothing is difficult for VP.



Studios are available to enable us to capture

special effects the studios have chroma-key

and lights.

Every production has its own needs and usually it is equipment. Specialist equipment can

be obtained to boost the production further. Special effects require extra props to work with

like powders, smoke machines and diffusers.  Weather it will need Jibs, Steady-cams or

Underwater cameras, Vezubuhle can pull it of.


Important point to note is, every production has its own camera and composition needs.

The following are what might be unique to your production


  Camera Performance - We prefer using Canon 5D mk_IV. It delivers great performance


  Sound Mixing/Recording - Depending on the size of the production, more natural sounds

  will have to be recorded


  Music - Adverts need good music playing to make the viewers pay attention. Music has

  to get collect, produced or licensed.  We will help you make a better choice when it

  comes to using good music for the production.



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