At VP we understand what quality production means to Artists. It is the extension of their personality. We pride ourselves in our biggest passion, which is the biggest drive in our company. We thrive to bring your dream in colour. At VP you can expect the best of what South African show business has to offer, in terms of talent and video production. We pay attention to detail, we consider our selves to be learners, we push ourselves to be better and we aim for no limits. With of our projects, enough research goes into it so that we know exactly what we are doing for you. Choosing to work with us will be one of the Great choices you will ever make. When we make a product we always keep in mind that we are also doing it for ourselves , not only to satisfy the Client but to enable us to take pride in our work too.


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When we entered this industry, we knew what we wanted to do and we did identify places that can use improvements. We have noticed the Sound Quality, Overall Picture Quality and many more. Scripting is one thing that either makes it or breaks it, So when you hand over a project to us , we consult and check with our entire team so they can give their much trusted input. Imagine not having to produce your own music video, letting us give you what's new in the industry. After all, what we can say is "we are the best", we do use state of the art cameras, lighting and softwares.


A production company that cannot adapt with the times is simply a bad production company. Vezubuhle knows what today's generation wants to see, even if you are unable to identify what people want, we will hold your hand through the entire process.




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